Until we meet again my friends......


Rejent was " King of the Farm", and I'm pretty sure he knew it!  If you didn't know it he let you know real quick.

Short story time:  I remember one instance very well of him proving to one of our seasoned and capable staff who was boss.  This staff member walked out to Rejent's lot to get Rejent, quick back story and advised to staff member; you must take a lead rope and at least 3 peppermints. Staff member; "ahhh, this aint my first rodeo", so I left to do other business (a good 15-20 minutes worth), returned to find said staff member and Rejent still in the lot and said staff member pulling on Rejent's halter!  After getting up off the ground from laughing I said to staff memeber, "what's the matter?" in which he replied with a "look" and a shut up as he returned to the barn to get....you guessed it!  A lead rope and some peppermints.  He hooked the rope to the halter fed a peppermint and off they went. Proving once again who the boss was.  Rejent passed away in April of 2016. 




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