Special Material - "Brett" is a fourteen year old American Saddlebred gelding who was previously successful in the show ring with Sally Briney.  These days Brett serves as one of our go-to lesson and show horses for a variety of our students. Including our saddleseat students, walk-trot students, and those wanting to gain more experience. He is great at teaching many of them the ropes of riding in and out of the show ring.

Urban Gypsy - "Captain" is a seventeen year old American Saddlebred Country Pleasure gelding who serves as our Academy lesson horse.  Captain is great at his job of teaching our saddleseat riding students what it's all about at home and in the show ring.

Once In A Daydream -Spitfire (aka "Spitty") is an American Saddlebred filly who was foaled in 2011. She was started under saddle in 2014.  Spitty has had in-hand show experience for the fisrt three years of her life, successfully showing off her striking good looks and flashy color.  As she continues her riding experience, Spitty is sure to catch some attention in the 2016 show ring.

Society's Isabella - "Izzy" is a five year old American Saddlebred mare owned and shown by Sally Briney.  Mrs. Briney and Izzy spent half of the 2014 show season as a new pair to be reckoned with in the show ring, competing very successfully in Fine Harness classes.  2015 found the pair showing in the Show Pleasure driving classes with great success. 2016 should prove to be a successful year for this pair.                     

Renaissance Man - "Socks" is a seven year old Holsteiner/Saddlebred gelding shown by Paula Briney.  In 2014 Socks achieved multiple awards for First Level and dabbed his white feet in Second Level, proving that he has the athleticism to go above and beyond in dressage.  We are all very excited to see how far this striking horse will succeed.

Willemina - "Jade" is a twelve year old Dutch Warmblood mare Paula Briney purchased in 2013.  After spending the past year or so bonding together, the pair competed successfully throughout the 2014 show season at Third Level and Fourth Level, Test 1.  The season ended with Jade and Paula qualifying and putting in great Third Level tests at our USDF Regionals in Kentucky.  The 2015 season is sure to be another successful one for them.

Out To Tango - "Tango" is a seven year old American Saddlebred gelding owned and originally shown by Sally Briney in the Show Pleasure Driving division. Tango and Mrs. Briney were consistently been successful in the show ring. This past season ('15) he was shown undersaddle and found his niche in the 10 and under Walk-Trot division, with top placings at Illinois State Fair and Mane Event.

Rejoice - "Bunny" is a fifteen year old Holsteiner/Saddlebred mare trained and shown successfully through Second Level.  Bunny has devoted herself to teaching our riding students the ins-and-outs of riding, specifically dressage.  She has won many, many awards through local dressage organizations as well as USDF with multiple students showing her.  The infinite amount of knowledge she teaches them is priceless.

Solitary Lady - "Princess" is a twenty-two year old Saddlebred mare bred and owned by Sally Briney.  Princess was trained and shown successfully through Second Level dressage with Paula Briney in the saddle before being retired to our lesson program.  Princess also got to dive into some distance riding later on with Dr. Rachel Boyce and did quite well, winning a few awards and gathering over 300 miles in recognized endurance rides.  Princess now serves as one of our broodmares at Pratense Farms where in the past two years she has given us two lovely colts, one Holsteiner/Saddlebred cross and another full Saddlebred.

Rhineheart - "Thunder" is a three year old Holsteiner/Saddlebred gelding.  Thunder is currently being started under saddle and shows promise to have the athleticism to turn heads in the dressage ring.  Already standing at 16.3 hands, he is sure to continue growing and have lots of potential.

Varoom - Varoom is a thirteen year old American Saddlebred gelding who competes as a combined driving horse.  Owned by the Briney's, Varoom found his niche and has found himself a home in the combined driving world, competing very successfully with Carrie Ostrowski in Kentucky.  Growing up, Varoom couldn't decide which discipline he liked or fit him best but as you can see, combined driving lights this horse up and he loves every minute of it.

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